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Not A Death Scene -  Thorki Commission

Loki is injured and Thor is very worried for him. Don’t fret, you can’t kill Chaos, and neither can I. ^_~

Thor: -worried face-
Loki: “Awww, Brother, I didn’t know you cared.”
Thor: -drops-

I combined a few of my favorite armor sets/looks for Loki and… well. First piece of the new year! Really having a little too much fun with texture brushes but I can’t say that’s really been bad for me. Anyway, this looks okay to me now in this light, so hopefully all is well. If I missed something I’ll update it in the morning <3 Hope you enjoy~ (God I wish I could offer the high res versions of these but alas T_T)

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Sleep, My Brother - COMPLETE

A slightly altered ending to Thor: The Dark World.
Loki is mortally wounded, and this time he has no more tricks. All Thor can do is offer him warmth and comfort in his last moments as Loki slowly succumbs to his death. Let his last memories be ones of peace and contentment.

I really like how Loki’s vambrace turned out.  And yes, that is a gaping hole in his back.

There might be a short fanfiction accompanying this post later, so keep an eye out!



You think you know pain? He will make you long for something sweet as pain.

the following meta-rambling analysis is actually part of a larger thing I’ve been working on off and on for the past week or so, and hope to post on its own at some point, but the above gifset is relevant enough that I kind of wanted to make this point on its own.

In the wake of ‘Avengers’ and Loki’s actions therein, a lot of fans were left wondering “What the fuck was Loki thinking?” Not only did Loki’s actions not make sense in a way that was consistent with his personality from the first Thor movie, but they weren’t even consistent within the movie itself. While the true reasons for his convoluted and self-defeating plot were metatextual in nature — he had to have a plan that was tailored to the specific talents and character arcs of the heroes to defeat — from an in-universe level they make no sense at all. Why did Loki never make any effort to eliminate the threat the heroes posed towards his plans? Why did he never make full use of the resources at his disposal?  If he is presented as a clever and cunning mastermind — which he must be to pose a credible threat to the Avengers in the first place, since they outnumber, outweigh and outgun him in every other possible department — then why is his strategy SO. VERY. BAD?

This prompted many fans to spend hundreds of thousands of words speculating as to what Loki’s real plan might have been, since the methods and motivations given in the movie itself simply don’t make sense. Some have proposed that it was only part 1 of a larger Xanatos gambit to return to Asgard and steal the Infinity Gauntlet from within, either to deliver to Thanos or to use for himself. Others have proposed that it was a hidden act of heroism, to sabotage the invasion in order to save the Earth and the Nine Realms in general from the threat posed by Thanos and the Chitauri. Most likely none of these theories will ever be borne out and we will never be given any explanation in canon for the disparity.

But here is absolutely the simplest, most straightforward theory to explain Loki’s actions in Avengers in an internally consistent way: Loki never intended the Chitauri invasion of Earth to succeed, because he hated the Chitauri and wanted them destroyed. His actions on Earth prior to the opening of the portal were in service of crafting an elaborate, super-powered shooting gallery for the Chitauri to be led into and slaughtered. 

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Sometimes I think the real answer is just, “The writers have that Loki is actually pretty bad at planning things.” OR “Loki’s thoughts are pretty scatterbrained after his trip through the void, so he’s not in top form, hence SUCH A BAD PLAN.”

But I love meta like this that really examines things more closely and this was a really interesting read!!

Thor + faceless


Do you ever hear someone’s voice and kinda wanna fuck it


Commissioned by

The reasoning for the title ‘Loki Variation’ is because it’s a character named Mage that looks like Loki Laufeyson.

I enjoyed doing this commission very much, it was a much needed breather from work~ <3


june. kid thor & loki…i’m out of control with this. my sketchbook might not recover. someone take my drawing utensils away…